Strategies, methods and new technologies for a sustained and integrated autonomous in-situ observing system for the Atlantic – a joint AtlantOS – AORAC-SA workshop at PLOCAN, Gran Canarias, Spain


The focus of the 3-day scientific and technical workshop was the enhancement of integration of cross-cutting issues regarding in-situ Ocean observing within AtlantOS and the involved networks as well as better involvement of international participants.  Consequently, main issues of discussion have been:

  • Capacity sharing
  • Best practice
  • Data Management
  • Network Data Harmonization
  • Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) in the role of technology readiness level (TRL)
  • Geographic gaps and ensuring priorities
  • Information sharing

The workshop participants agreed to:

  • Propose an AORA strategic action to compare sharing modes and recommend more Atlantic wide solutions
  • Consider a ‘policy statement’ for the Atlantic Observing community
  • Encourage full meta data delivery with all data sets and to establish and promote the use standard descriptors to allow best data harvesting
  • Include to the EOVs discussion issues such as metrology, data compression, comparison of performance and establish review criteria