1st AtlantOS Newsletter – January 2017


atlantos-newsletter-1In this first AtlantOS newsletter, we introduce the vision of AtlantOS to the wider community interested in the Atlantic Ocean and the societal benefit that is enabled by sustained ocean observation.

The guiding objective of AtlantOS is directly expressed in the project’s title ‘Optimising and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System’.The ocean is essential to our society as it regulates the global climate, provides us with natural resources such as food, materials, important substances, and energy, and it is furthermore essential for international trade and recreational and cultural activities. However, human development and economic growth together with free access to and availability of ocean resources and services have exerted strong pressure on marine systems, ranging from increasing resource extraction such as over shing to alteration of costal zones and various types of thoughtless pollution. Having in mind that the ocean is essential for humankinds every day life, and the seventh largest global economy but at the same time under pressure by our daily activities, it is inevitable to provide for international cooperation and effective governance to protect the marine environment and promote the sustainable use of marine resources in such a way that due account can be taken of the environmental value of current generations and the needs of future generations.

Atlantic Ocean observation is currently undertaken through loosely-coordinated in-situ observing networks and global satellite observations. To tackle the challenge of sustainable use of the Atlantic Ocean in the sense of societal benefit it is important to improve and innovate Atlantic Ocean observing to obtain an international, more sustainable, more efficient, more integrated, and fit-for-purpose system. This is exactly what the AtlantOS initiative is aiming for. The EU Horizon 2020 project AtlantOS is supporting this ambition with signi cant resources. This newsletter is providing you with a brief overview of the overarching issues steering AtlantOS in building the strategic framework for best practice Atlantic Ocean Observation (AtlantOS).

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