2nd AtlantOS Briefing Paper


The second Briefing Paper focuses on the societal benefits of ocean observing and presents examples of work being done in AtlantOS to link ocean observations with specific user needs and societal benefits. The vision of how AtlantOS will serve key societal benefit areas is explained by Nadia Pinardi and Caroline Cusack. Kevin Horsburgh introduces a comprehensive world map being developed to increase safety along Atlantic Ocean coasts. Why a new paradigm for ship routing development represents a societal benefit is shown by Gianandrea Mannarini. Finally, Patrick Lehodey presents the development of an operational forecast system for the Atlantic albacore tuna.

We hope you enjoy this second briefing paper. For questions, please contact us at: atlantos@geomar.de.

AtlantOS Briefing Paper 2 - Digital (PDF) (732.0 KiB)