2nd AtlantOS Newsletter


The second AtlantOS newsletter is focusing on the contribution of ocean observing to societal benefits. On the one hand, the diverse needs of societies for ocean information has been guiding the objectives of AtlantOS and in general, the essential ocean variables for societal benefits. On the other hand, available information is assembled to provide information products to address very specific societal benefit areas. Our aim is to enhance and optimise the system and networks to a more fit-for-purpose system and deliver key information and decision support tools for a variety of marine actors including the economic sectors.

We have selected contributions that demonstrate a specific success story within the AtlantOS community that show cases how ocean observations can help to address a specific user need. These examples will provide motivation to maintain a growing investment in Atlantic Observing. AtlantOS will continue to make recommendations and support actions to improve and innovate Atlantic Ocean observing to obtain a more internationally shared, more sustainable resourced, more efficient, more integrated, and collectively a fit-for-purpose system.

AtlantOS Newsletter 2 (PDF) (5.5 MiB)