4th Meeting of the Blue Print Team for integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing


The team will develop an Atlantic Ocean Observing Blueprint to advance the current system components for a sustainable, efficient, integrated, and fit-for-purpose ocean observing in the Atlantic. This will help improve the value for money, extent, completeness, quality and ease of access to marine data and allow jointly deliver comprehensive ocean information to a broad variety of users.

The Blue Print team has met on 14 July in Belem, Lisbon in conjunction with the symposium on “A new era of Blue Enlightenment” to improve the outline and structure of the Blue Print document. Most 16 of the 18 members of the team attended the meeting.

The next meeting of the team will be in November joint to the 3rd AtlantOS GA meeting on Gran Canaria. The Blue Print document is planned to be ready for the public in summer 2018.

The aim of the document is to develop a joint up strategy for integrated ocean observing in the Atlantic Sector. The overarching goal it to facilitate a more sustainable, well-coordinated and more comprehensive ocean observing system to jointly deliver relevant ocean information for a wide range of societal benefit areas spanning ocean change, near real time ocean state estimation, ocean prediction and base line information to support sustainable ocean use. The goal of the broad AtlantOS consortium (not just the funded H2020 AtlantOS project) is to develop an Blueprint for an integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System, which goes beyond the state-of–the-art and provides a vision for Atlantic ocean observing in the next decade.