AtlantOS Special Newsletter on ‘Strengthening pan-Atlantic Cooperation for Ocean Observing’


The AtlantOS special newsletter focuses on requirements of and contributions to a strengthened cooperation in pan-Atlantic Ocean Observing. Ocean observing is a complex end-to-end system built upon engineering, operations, data management, information products and dissemination as well as associated human capabilities. This system can only work if all named working fields are fostered over the long-term by supportive planning, financing and governance frameworks.

In AtlantOS, the aim has been to support the development of this cooperative environment, by bringing together the entire Atlantic observing community in order to assess what is being done, the strengths and weaknesses of ongoing observation activities as well as the requirements of users being served by the observing community.

This special newsletter is a follow-up to a one-day workshop on the work of the observing community in the Southern Atlantic Region, organized by AtlantOS in cooperation with the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance support project (AORA-CSA) in July 2017. Following a summary of the workshop, several key partners from the region present their work on ocean observing as well as their potential contributions to and expectations of a pan-Atlantic Ocean observing system.  The newsletter also features a summary of an EU-Argentinian workshop to promote better cooperation in the marine sciences, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Finally, an update of the BluePrint process for an integrated Atlantic Ocean observing system is also provided.

AtlantOS Newsletter Special Issue 1 – Digital (PDF)