3rd AtlantOS newsletter


The third AtlantOS newsletter focuses on how AtlantOS contributes to the enhancement and optimization of harmonization, and integration of Atlantic Ocean observing data. Our aim is to foster a system that is accepted by the data producers, as open as possible, and meets the needs of the various end-users (research institutes, private companies, national governmental bodies, civil societies, and international organizations). For this ‘Focus Area’ we have selected contributions that demonstrate (i) the need for an integrated data system, (ii) the first steps taken to improve trans-Atlantic ocean observing data sharing, (iii) specific products such as the Integrated Data portal and monitoring tools at JCOMMOPS and EMODnet, and (iv) success stories regarding seasonal prediction. With these examples, we would like to encourage the Ocean Observing community to continue and even intensify its commitment to maintain the growing investment in integrated Atlantic Ocean observing. AtlantOS will continue to make recommendations and support actions to improve and innovate Atlantic Ocean observing data infrastructures to obtain a more internationally shared, more sustainable resourced, more efficient, more integrated, and collectively used fit-for-purpose system. Accordingly, the project is currently involved in the development of two BluePrint documents, one on the vision 2030 and the other on the implementation for an integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System.

AtlantOS Newsletter 3 (PDF) (6.5 MiB)