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CLS conference center

17/12/2015 - 18/12/2015

Design of experiments to be carried out in 2016/2017 in Toulouse. The workshop will be held at the CLS conference center close to Mercator and CLS buildings. It should involve Task 1.3 and Task 5.3 partners, representatives of WP2 and WP3 partners and international partners involved in OSSE activities (e.g. GODAE OceanView, Clivar, GOOS).


Icon of Atlantos-workshop-V1 Atlantos-workshop-V1 (38.0 MiB)

Atlantos Workshop V1
AtlantOS 1.3 MetO NOC 1512171.3 MiB
Task 5.3
Bio Argo-Task5.3-Claustre951.8 KiB
CLS-Task5.3-Micronekton-lehodey1.7 MiB
CNRS-Task5.3-Garnier13.2 MiB
Task5.3-overview-Brasseur1.1 MiB
Task 1.3
CLS-Task1.3-Subtask1-Guinehut372.3 KiB
CMCC Task1.3-Subtask1-Mirouze130.1 KiB
CNRS-Task1.3-Subtask2-Brasseur645.0 KiB
ECMWF-Task1.3-Subtask1-Zuo392.9 KiB
MercatorOcean Task1.3-Subtask1-remy286.5 KiB
MercatorOcean Task1.3-Subtask2-lamouroux377.1 KiB
MEtOffice-Task1.3-Subtask2-Ford691.9 KiB
MEtOffice-Task1.3-Sutask1-King350.6 KiB
Task1.3-overview-letraon132.8 KiB
Opening Atlantos Overview Closing
Atlantos Overview-karstensen4.5 MiB
Closing-next-steps-letraon112.9 KiB
Intro-agenda-letraon232.3 KiB
WP1-Atlantos-EOOS-Nolan1.6 MiB
Networks And Other Projects
E-AIMS-overview-letraon1.8 MiB
Glider Atlantos-Turpin371.9 KiB
JERICONext-Vukicevic746.7 KiB
Pirata-Atlantos-Hernandez1.2 MiB
TPOS-overview-Hill883.6 KiB
Past OSSE Experiences
CNRS-OSSE-demey1.4 MiB
Mercator-OSSE-Remy575.2 KiB
MetOffice-OSSE-King318.5 KiB
OSSE-LeHenaff547.0 KiB
OSSE-Poli93.8 KiB
Task1.3-Subtask3-Gehlen6.3 MiB