Workshop on enhancing interoperability & coordination of long-term omics observations
(Bremen, 21.-23. Feb. 2018)

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21/02/2018 - 23/02/2018

In cooperation with Genome Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, AtlantOS members AWI and Ribocon are conducting a 3 day workshop on enhancing interoperability & coordination of long-term omically augmented observatories. The overarching aim is to facilitate the creation of a well-integrated, global network of omic observatories delivering coherent insight into ecosystem health and functioning. Such a collective will be essential in mainstreaming omics observation – with its multifaceted biological and ecological value – into existing ocean (and terrestrial) observing systems such as GOOS and MBON. Further, a coordinated network will more efficiently interface with national and international biomonitoring frameworks, as well as standards communities, to shape a more sustainable future for omic observation. To these ends, the workshop intends to seed a strongly collaborative consortium with regular sharing of data, methods, calibration standards, and visioning. 

This initial workshop will join representatives of international programmes and initiatives using multi-omic techniques in order to scope the ambitions, requirements, and approaches for a sustainable observatory network. The participants will also discuss strategies to address common challenges to integration encountered during sampling, laboratory processing and sequencing, bioinformatic analysis, and data management. The outcomes of this activity will contribute to AtlantOS Work Package 6, Task 6.2 (‘Common metrology and best practices’) and will contribute to opportunities to enhance capacities of ship-based and autonomous observation networks in WP2 and WP3.

In order to facilitate discussions, workshop invitations are restricted to a limited number of participants. However, the workshop is expected to serve as a nucleus for follow-up activities in which will be open to the larger community. If you wish to be informed of subsequent activities, please be encouraged to fill out the form at .

The minutes of the workshop will be posted shortly after the workshop on the AtlantOS web page.

A short ‘workshop report’ can be found in the 3rd AtlantOS Newsletter ( on page 17.

Contacts: Pier Luigi Buttigieg (, Felix Janssen (, James Macklin (James.Macklin@AGR.GC.CA), Joerg Peplies (

Agenda Global Omics Observatory Network Workshop Final (337.6 KiB)