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A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

CONTROS Systems & Solutions GmbH (CONTROS)

CONTROS Systems & Solutions is a German GmbH (company with limited liability) founded in 2006 with currently 15 full and part time employees, which develops, produces and markets in-situ underwater sensors and measuring systems to detect dissolved gases and related parameters in water. Parameters covered are CO2, hydrocarbons (e.g. methane), dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity and oil in water. The robust underwater sensors are deployed in oceanic and limnic waters from the surface down to a depth of 6000 m. The company globally serves the scientific as well as the industrial market (carbon capture and storage, MMV systems, leak detection), recently enhanced by a cooperation agreement with Kongsberg Maritime AS. The autonomous and versatile underwater sensors have so far been deployed on various platforms and within multiple applications (e.g. Fiedler et al. 2013; Maeck et al. 2013; Saderne et al. 2013; Fietzek et al. 2011 and 2014). Surface water instruments and flow-through versions of the sensors simplify the deployment within corresponding setups (e.g. FerryBox). CONTROS has been involved in various local and national development projects so far. To AtlantOS CONTROS will contribute the optimization and development of O2 as well as pCO2 and pH optodes for i.e. deployment on profiling floats. Furthermore, an autonomous surface water instrument for total alkalinity for long-term installation on a voluntary observing ship (VOS) shall be developed. Both tasks are carried out close in collaboration with GEOMAR.

Kiel, 24148, Wischhofstrasse 1-3, Germany