EU Horizon 2020 project

A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

62 Partners, 18 Countries

International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

MEOPAR Incorporated (MEOPAR)

The Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network of Centres of Excellence was established in 2012 with $25 million of initial funding from the Canadian government. MEOPAR is a largescale, academically-led Network which has established a nationwide team of researchers working within multisectoral, multidisciplinary partnerships to increase Canada’s ability to manage and respond to risk in the marine environment. The Network is hosted by Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and presently comprises Principal Investigators and students from 12 member institutions across Canada. MEOPAR research is conducted in the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans and supports multidisciplinary ocean and climate science and socio-economic studies of marine environmental risk and adaptation to climate change. MEOPAR has been active in coordinating a Canadian response to the Galway Agreement of May, 2013, with a focus on establishing partnerships between academic, government and private sector researchers in support of a Canadian contribution to an Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System. Given our mission and national representation (including participation of key Federal science departments on its Board), the Network is well suited to facilitating Canadian participation in AtlantOS.

Halifax, B3H4J1, 1355 Oxford Street, Suite 2-41, Canada