EU Horizon 2020 project

A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

62 Partners, 18 Countries

International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Universität Bremen (UniHB)

The Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM), University of Bremen, MARUM, is a central research facility at the University of Bremen offering a number of technical and scientific services in the field of ocean research and furthermore is developing innovative technology in support for scientific operations. Within the last decade MARUM became one of the leading institutions in Germany and Europe to develop and operate sophisticated equipment for marine science applications. ( MARUM operates the data system PANGAEA®; (Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science, which provides essential services like scientific project data management, long-term data archiving, data publication, and dissemination via visualization and analysis software (freeware products) and via interoperability according to international protocols and standards. PANGAEA® holds mandates from ICSU (World Data Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences - WDC-MARE) and WMO (World Radiation Monitoring Center - WRMC). Dr. Christoph Waldmann (male) is a senior scientist at the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) at UniHB. He has been involved in the development and operation of deep sea instruments and methods since his diploma degree in the Physics Department at Kiel University. During the last few years he contributed to the European ocean observatory as part of the EU funded projects ESONET, HYPOX and EMSO as WP leader and as a member of the steering committees. Dr. Michael Diepenbroek (male) is a Geologist and Computer Scientist. PhD in Geology at the Free University of Berlin (1992); worked at the computer center of the AWI, Bremerhaven (1992-94); conceived and implemented the scientific information system PANGAEA (1994-97); he is now working at MARUM in Bremen since 1998, where he is responsible for the operation PANGAEA® and director of WDC-MARE. Dr. Robert Huber (male) will lead WP7 on data policies. Since 2002 he is employed at the Centrefor Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) at the University Bremen and responsible for projects in scientific data management and IT development especially in the fields of marine observatory networks. He was leading the data management WP for the Network of Excellence ESONET is involved in the ESFRI projects EMSO and SIOS and in EU projects such as HYPOX, CARBOOCEAN, EUR-OCEANS NoE and ENVRI.

Bibliothekstrasse 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany