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Traceability of use dashboard

The traceability of use dashboard, designed and developed thanks to a joint effort of WP7 and WP9 partners, is a web tool to display statistics on data downloads by users from the networks and integrators in the AtlantOS integrated data system. It gives visibility of data usage to data providers and to data managers.

The first version of this tool shows statistics for data downloads from FTP data services managed at (1) Ifremer  for Copernicus INS TAC till May 2018, SeaDataNet products, Argo, Glider and OceanSITES GDACs and (2) at EMODnet physics.

Further upgrades of the dashboard (statistics from more data services, both from more type of services and from more networks/integrators) are going to be implemented and sustained over the coming months and years within the framework of other projects at a European level.

For more details on this tool: see section 5 of D7.15 AtlantOS deliverable  (contact:

Warning: in case of security error when accessing the dashboard with Firefox browser, please use another browser like Google chrome