EU Horizon 2020 project

A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

62 Partners, 18 Countries

International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 1.2

Capacities, Gaps and feasibility

Lead: EuroGOOS (Erik Buch)

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Following the initial definition of requirements for sustained ocean observations carried out in Task 1.1, we will analyse the present capacities for ocean observing in the Atlantic in order to identify the critical gaps that need to be filled [GEOMAR]. This analysis [D1.3] (a) take into account both scientific and operational gaps, (b) focus on the observing networks, data systems, and the delivery of actionable information, (c) be performed at different levels including the whole range of observations from physics [IOC], to biogeochemistry [IO PAN] and living resources [ICES and CIIMAR], and (d) cover all national and international initiatives in the Atlantic as well as a dedicated analysis for the European capacities and gaps [EuroGOOS]. The European level will also take into account the needs of key Policies and Strategies (MSFD, IMP, CFP), thus contributing to their implementation, as well as key programmes such as the Copernicus Marine Service [Ifremer] and EMODnet. In parallel we will perform a cost and feasibility study [D1.4]. This study will include an estimation of the cost of existing observing networks, the needed investments for filling the identified gaps, and an assessment of the readiness and feasibility of implementation of different observing technologies [MI]. The study also has pan-Atlantic and European scales, guiding investments at different levels. We will organize two respective international workshops when preliminary results of the studies are available. Participation of all major stakeholders including national research funding and implementing organizations of countries active in Atlantic Ocean observations will be sought.


D1.3 Capacities and gap analysis: Analysis of the capacities and gaps of the present Atlantic Ocean Observing System. PM24

D1.4 Cost and feasibility study: Results of a cost and feasibility study of present and planned IAOOS, including assessing the readiness and feasibility of implementation of different observing technologies. PM36