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Task 10.2

Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement, Data Dissemination and Exploitation

Lead: SEASCAPE (Jan-Bart Calewaert)

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The main aim of this task is to gain a better understanding on how to efficiently engage with stakeholders, attract more users and identify ways to improve usage of data and information from observatories. This will entail identification of successful stakeholder engagement mechanisms and tools to disseminate and exploit data, information and products from observatories. To this end, the task will encompass a global mapping and assessment of 1) key user groups from policy, business and academic fields, their main interests and how these are currently being served by reference ocean observing communities around the world; 2) current stakeholder engagement practices by observing communities; 3) major marine data portals with special attention to observation visualization and marine data integration tools that attract visitors all over the world. The assessment will include a comparative element looking at USA, Canada and Europe to see if there are notable differences in approaches and tools. Attention will be paid to engagement strategies to tailor and transfer marine observing outputs to private companies and intermediate-users to realize the full exploitation potential. The task will formulate recommendations of best practice for implementation within and beyond the project, in particular to strengthen work in WP7 and WP11 and feed into Task 10.3. The results of 10.2 will be a Report on Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement, Data Dissemination and Exploitation [D10.5].


D10.5 Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement, Data Dissemination and Exploitation: Report with best practices and recommended actions/tools to make available, disseminate and visualize ocean observations/data serving as guidance to AtlantOS. PM18