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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 10.3

Towards a durable Stakeholder Engagement ‘Support Facility’

Lead: SEASCAPE (Jan-Bart Calewaert)

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We will carry out a pilot trial working with a small selection of companies on a particular issue to deliver one or more concrete product(s) based on promising AtlantOS outputs. The deliverable D10.8 will include both the results of this pilot, which in itself aims to be a concrete output, as well as a prototype for how IAOOS might engage with (private) stakeholders in future. This prototype could entail the concept design and launch of an online stakeholder forum and information exchange hub or ‘stakeholder support facility’, or other more appropriate mechanisms or tools as identified by the project and stakeholders. The details of the mechanics of this test pilot will be outlined in the Engagement Strategy [T10.1].


D10.8 Stakeholder Engagement ‘Support Facility’ Test Exercise: Building on [D10.5] a test process will be implemented to explore the practice of structuring the dialogue and information exchange with stakeholder and users. PM32