EU Horizon 2020 project

A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

62 Partners, 18 Countries

International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 10.8

Visual and interactive legacy outputs

Lead: BLIT (Kathryn Keeble)

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Up to 6 high impact visual/interactive outputs [D10.12] will be developed during the lifecycle of the project using the input from various WPs, which will be targeted at communicating with the stakeholder groups identified in the Engagement Strategy (Task 10.1). The outputs will be a combination of digital and print outputs and contribution to workshops. Each output will be accompanied by a strategic dissemination plan designed to achieve maximum outreach and impact. The precise WPs and content will be identified as the project progresses.


D10.12 Visual and interactive legacy outputs: Development and dissemination of up to 6 visual / interactive outputs aimed at stakeholder groups. PM45