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A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

62 Partners, 18 Countries

International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 2.2

Ships Of Opportunity Program (SOOP)
Lead: UNEXE (Andrew Watson)
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The SOOP task aims to improve the coherence and coordination, coverage, quality, timeliness and data flow from the existing, currently uncoordinated ship of opportunity networks (Carbon-VOS, SOOP and FerryBox). The task will enhance the 3 networks [D2.4] by: extending them throughout the South Atlantic [NERC, CNRS, IRD, PLOCAN]; by adding and supporting routes; exchanging information on sampling and sampling design; improving the network instrumentation by re-assessing instrument design [PML]; adding a key carbonate system EOV – an autonomous flow-through system for TA [GEOMAR, CONTROS, PLOCAN]. This task will also: improve data flow and connectivity [D2.8] between existing observing networks and other observation systems [IMR,UIB,UNEXE]; improve performance and connectivity of existing observation networks infrastructure, data standards and protocols; develop near-real-time delivery of data using the Iridium Short Burst Data Service [UIB, IMR]; develop software to integrate the different methodological approaches used in the networks to deliver integrated products; and develop best practices for an integrated system [UIB,IMR]. Finally the task will improve the coherence and reliability of SOOP network performance by providing personnel for information exchange on equipment, availability of vessels and data flow [D2.5; UNEXE, UIB]. The task will also coordinate SOOP activities, to deliver gap-free, sustainable observations and good trans-Atlantic and Pan-Atlantic connections.
D2.4 SOOP Network Enhancement Report: Report on network enhancement project. This will document (a) extension of network coverage to South Atlantic; (b) evaluation of improved EOV carbonate system; and (c) re-assessment of instrumentation. PM36
D2.5 SOOP Network co-ordination Report: Report on network co-ordination, documenting steps taken to co-ordinate network and make it robust against data gaps, delivering regular seamless data, integrated with Pan Atlantic partners. PM40
D2.8 SOOP Data System Upgrades: Report on data and connectivity upgrading, it will document system improvements to integrate observing systems, improve network infrastructure, near-real-time delivery of data and best practice for integrated observations to provide data useful for Marine Services and other users. PM45