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Task 2.3

Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR)

Lead: SAHFOS (Martin Edwards)

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The CPR task, led by SAHFOS and representing the Global Alliance of CPR Surveys (GACS), aims to optimize and enhance the global CPR survey network. The CPR is an autonomous instrument mainly towed from ships of opportunity that has been in use for over 80 years. Currently, samples are collected monthly covering 20,000 km in the major ecosystems of the North Atlantic. Recently the network has expanded to sample in the South Atlantic and other regions globally. It also is developing a centralized global CPR database. Within AtlantOS, the CPR surveys will be optimized and enhanced and make data freely and widely available. A method to more rapidly determine zooplankton abundance will be developed through the use of new technology [D2.1; SAHFOS]. Near-real-time sensors for variables such as pH and chlorophyll from CTD sensors will be provided on the CPR transects across coastal to open ocean waters; CO2 sensors will be deployed on shorter European routes in the English Channel to provide additional data on real-time productivity; and faster quantitative molecular assays of key harmful and pathogenic organisms will be implemented [D2.9].


D2.1 Zooplankton abundance Report: Rapid zooplankton abundance data for UK coastal and offshore waters.PM24

D. 2.9 CPR Add-on Variables: Near real-time delivery of biochemical and ecologically relevant variables using new technology for ecoregions and targeted areas of interest (e.g. sub-polar gyre) of the Atlantic North Atlantic and one potential European route for CO2. Quantitative data on HAB species and marine pathogens from UK and targeted ecoregions will be collected. PM45