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Task 2.4

Fisheries and zooplankton observations

Lead: IMR (Nils Olav Handegard)

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This task has 3 main objectives: 1) to improve the fish survey data availability through the ICES data center for three key pelagic fisheries surveys; 2) to prepare the ICES data center to host these data in accordance with ICES and international data standards and 3) to modify current processing and analysis software to fit into the new system. It will organize workshops with end users through the ICES Steering Group on Ecosystem Surveys Science and Technology to ensure relevance for the ICES coordinated surveys. The ICES data center currently does not host acoustic and trawl data from pelagic surveys, therefore the task will support the development of an acoustic database and adjustment to the existing Database of Trawl Surveys (DATRAS) to host pelagic tows [D2.2; ICES, IMR, Ifremer, HAV]. The acoustic database will be prepared in accordance with the ICES metadata standards that are currently being implemented throughout the North Atlantic. Software routines will be further developed to utilize the data base, including general data preparation, post processing) and storing of processing parameters. The system will be designed in accordance with the ICES survey groups and all software including database structure will be released under open source licenses. The ICES implementation of the data base will be open access [IMR, Ifremer, ICES, HAV].


D2.2 Fish Survey Database and Interface: Web interface compatible with standard data processing software and set up databases to serve data product generation from pelagic fish surveys. PM24