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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 3.3

OceanSITES transport

Lead: AWI (Torsten Kanzow)

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The network of Atlantic transport mooring arrays (TMA) will be further developed as part of an integrated Atlantic observing system [AWI]. Within the IAOOS the great value of TMAs is the acquisition of long time series of volume, heat and freshwater fluxes in key locations of strong flows (boundary currents), all of which are related to the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. The TMAs enable the reliable estimate of these fluxes, including long time-series in the deep ocean. The overarching goal is the development of a sustainable, efficient and comprehensive network of TMAs. Key innovations are to extend measurements to the near-surface ocean, and a coherent survey of non-physical EOVs. We will add oxygen sensors – which have demonstrated a high readiness level – to existing moorings to coherently monitor the overflow water masses at four key TMA sites. Also, key moorings will be identified, where surface devices could be implemented to deliver critical, climate relevant upper ocean fluxes [D3.18] [SAMS, CNRS, GEOMAR, HAV]. One major shortcoming identified in the TMA network is the timely availability of data. To overcome this shortcoming we seek to demonstrate the implementation of subsea real-time data telemetry systems [D3.7], [GEOMAR with DSS, HAV, NERC-NOC]. The TMA network also identified the inhomogeneity among the different TMAs as challenge to their sustainability. Therefore we will make the individual and planned TMAs known to the scientific community, present the different TMAs conceptually and technically as one network, and freely provide documentation and higher level products [D3.1] [AWI, CNRS, HAV, SAMS].


D3.1 One stop shop web site for TMAs: Establishment of web site for TMAs where the TMA network as a whole is introduced; high-level TMA products can be obtained; documentation of the products is provided; links to data behind the high-level products (OceanSITES); joint cross-TMA network analyses are provided. To achieve this deliverable we will hold one workshop (early in the project, in PM8). PM16

D3.7 Technical enhancement of a TMA site for data safety & cost efficiency: Current developments of Deep sea data telemetry system (capsules, inductive, acoustics) will be reviewed and further developments performed. Technical enhancement will be demonstrated at selected sites and with different platforms (e.g. Myrtle-X lander). PM36

D3.18 Report on the observational potential of the TMAs: Assessment of the impact of upper-ocean measurements and of coherent integration of O2 measurements (as example for non-physical EOVs) for transports and fluxes in the Atlantic TMAs and synergies with the wider Atlantic Observing System. One workshop will be held to prepare the report and foster the cooperation on cross-TMA analyses. PM45