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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 5.1

Assessment and Coordination of Regional Observing
Lead: CNRS (Sabrina Speich)
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The Atlantic in-situ observing is a conglomerate of basin-wide sampling and local/regional sampling. Basin scale sampling include systems like Argo, surface drifter, and multiple satellite remotely sensed platforms which are designed around large scale scientific objectives and targeted to be operational for at least decades long. The local/regional sampling is often designed by specific science objective which may have large-scale implications (e.g. strength of overturning) but the systems are often operational only through a project life-time of a few years only (e.g. SAMOC, OSNAP). In this task we will assess the current and emerging status of observational programmes and projects in the context of climate and ecosystems in two sub-regions of the Atlantic Basin. We will evaluate the potential to connect the ocean observing across projects (e.g. RAPID, SAMOC, OSNAP, NACLIM, GO-SHIP, PREFACE, VITALS, Global Carbon Project, etc.), observing systems (e.g. Argo, OceanSITES) and across agencies (FAO, ICES, NAFOS, OSPAR). Besides individual network meetings one joint conference will be used to consolidate the networks in order to create a pan-hemispheric coordinated observing effort [D5.1] [CNRS, GEOMAR]. The activity involves experts on ocean observation and modelling from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, for both areas of interest and it includes multidisciplinary topics. They are PIs of international observing initiatives and panel members of international programmes such as CLIVAR and ICES [CNRS, MEOPAR, WHOI, MCTI, CSIR]. Particular attention will be given to sustainability of the ocean observing systems related to these initiatives.
D5.1 Status report on regional climate and ecosystems Report: Report on the current observing status in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre and the South Atlantic subtropical gyre, containing the results of the investigation on regional observing activities, systems, and connectivity in relation to climate and ecosystems. PM36