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Task 5.2

Application of regional ocean observing: climate and ecosystem

Lead: GEOMAR (Johannes Karstensen)

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This task is concerned with the integrating of observational data (in-situ and satellite) for exploratory product generation on a regional scale and related to climate and ecosystems. Climate related products are grouped around overturning volume-, heat-, freshwater- and carbon transport [CNRS, NERC] and sea surface temperature measurements [D5.2; DMI] and ecosystem related products are grouped around primary productivity, carbon export, and nutrient cycling [D5.3; UPMC, GEOMAR]. The investigation in this WP complement the operational product generation, as performed in WP7 and WP8. In particular, we will go beyond the presently existing regional foci of analysis and attempt to apply similar analysis techniques to both focus regions (subpolar North Atlantic and subtropical South Atlantic) during a period with intense in-situ observation activities and linked to task 7.2. Through the application to both regions we will be able to detect potential gaps in the ocean observing via the observational data and complementing the system-analysis work that is undertaking within this WP under task 5.3.


D5.2 Indices associated with climate variability: Evaluation of the most critical observations and analysis of AMOC related changes in heat-, freshwater- and carbon budgets and subsurface temperature in the subpolar North Atlantic and the subtropical South Atlantic. PM36

D5.3 Indices associated with primary productivity and carbon export: Analysis of nutrient cycling, primary productivity and particulate carbon export flux in the subpolar North Atlantic and the subtropical South Atlantic.PM36