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A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 6.4

Best practice on observing systems  – see full details on

Lead: IEEE (Jay Pearlman)

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To maximize international collaboration and dissemination of observing system best practices, this task will draw on a broad international community for IAOOS with close connection to GEO (e.g. Blue Planet GEO task and related communities of practice) and POGO, ocean networks (such as GOOS/EuroGOOS, Argo, GROOM, JERICO), international ocean initiatives such as SCOR, IMBER (Biology), and IOCCP (biogeochemistry), and major ocean research institutions [IEEE, EUROGOOS]. All disciplines will be engaged including physical oceanography [Ifremer], biology [UniHB], and biogeochemistry [IO PAN]. Emerging disciplines and networks will be engaged by contact with task 6.5 [IEEE]. The task leverages the knowledge base and participants in WP 2 and 3 and will draw on task 6.2 for metrology aspects. It will also benefit from, and extend existing best practices developed and documented across the networks and ocean observatory community (e.g. by GOOS). Contributing to the existing GEOSS best practices and standards registries, both created by IEEE for GEO, IAOOS will provide a single point resource for community access to best practices and lessons learned [D6.7; IEEE]. The GEO registries, which should include contributions from GOOS and other networks, will also be used for best practices gap analyses in areas of ocean observation systems where a lack of best practices hinders effective collection and use of observation information. This will provide sustainability beyond the life of IAOOS and open source global free access. Connections with US and Canadian activities [IEEE] will broaden both the inputs to the best practices repository and expand the user base. Presentations will be given at major international ocean meetings and elsewhere.


D6.7 Best practice summary Report: Report summarizing the relevant best practices available in the GEOSS (AtlantOS) best practices registry. PM45