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Task 7.1

Data Harmonization of the data management activities

Lead: UniHB (Christoph Waldmann)

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The purpose of this task is to harmonize data exchange and data processing procedures for the EOVs that are acquired by multiple networks. WP7 will focus on a basic set of variables that are acquired by more than one network and further used within the task 7.4 and 7.5. The following activities will be carried out on harmonization in data [D7.1] and processing to facilitate the interoperability of the systems: Improvement of data integration by agreeing on common vocabularies [MARIS] and data formats [Ifremer, NERC-BODC] including minimum required metadata [UniHB]; Standardization of near real-time quality control procedures for the core set of variables [D7.2]; Promotion of data publishing by promoting data citation procedures [NERC-BODC, UniHB]; Assessment of the full life cycle of observing data and information from data acquisition to long-term archiving to detect fields for improvement [UniHB, MARIS, Ifremer, VLIZ, ETT]. It is also intended to harmonize data policies [D7.3] [ UniHB] as has been started as part of the COOPEUS project and to provide a formal basis for data exchange between contributing observing systems. A conceptual framework for facilitating data access shall be developed by getting all relevant stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic involved.


D7.1 Data Harmonization Report: Report containing recommendation on data harmonization. PM18

D7.2 QC report: Recommendation for physical near real-time QC procedure with one chapter per EOV. PM18

D7.3 Full life cycle Report: Report on AtlantOS Networks full life cycle data flow including Data Policy and Intellectual property rights. PM18