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A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 7.2

Data flow and integration to existing systems 

Lead: Ifremer (Sylvie Pouliquen)

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The AtlantOS observations will be processed within the different networks, taking into account the harmonization recommendations defined in task 7.1. Whenever possible, common tools and services will be developed either for facilitating data dissemination, data description, data discovery or data viewing. The AtlantOS data system will be composed of network data systems that manage the platform registries and the data flow from observation to delivery to users. They already provide ad hoc services (minimum FTP access) The AtlantOS data system will be also composed of integrators (Copernicus Marine Service and SeaDataNet, and both feeding EMODnet) that assemble network data for dedicated communities. These integrators register the assembled products in the AtlantOS catalogue and provide data access services (discover, view, download) as required by the community following the European rules (INSPIRE) [D7.4, D7.5, D7.7, D7.8]. Ifremer for Copernicus Marine Service, MARIS for SeaDataNet and ETT, VLIZ and SEASCAPE for EMODnet will provide support to the networks data system managers (see Task 7.1) to upgrade their system for better integration in the existing EU and International infrastructure and develop common tools that will be deployed to add additional OGC services on the network data. Specific effort will be made to improve the interoperability between the existing systems, in partnership with some AtlantOS networks to:

  • Use Sensor Web Enablement specifications for real-time observation publication
  • Enhance and deploy existing tools to provide OGC services (View and download) on in-situ data available on FTP servers managed by assembly centres (WP02-WP03).
  • Test central integrated data stores (e.g. Cloud type technology) to synchronize with WP2-WP3 data centres and provide new integrated services to users.
  • Customize web portal tools developed within EMODnet and similar transatlantic efforts to fit the requirements of AtlantOS community.


D7.4 Data Management Handbook: AtlantOS data management Handbook. PM18

D7.5 Service specifications: Discovery/viewing/download specifications. PM24

D7.7 Atlantic Ocean Data Integration: Integration of EU and North American data for the Atlantic Ocean. PM36

D7.8 Integration in GEOSS: Integration and usage of the GEOSS Common service registry in AtlantOS. PM36