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Task 7.4

Integration in models and impact (Copernicus Marine Service and seasonal prediction)

Lead: MERCATOR (Yann Drillet)

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Task 7.4 partners will assess the impact of AtlantOS networks and their improvements for the Copernicus Marine Service [D7.6, D7.16]. From these analyses, we will be able to quantify the contributions of AtlantOS in-situ observations for the Copernicus Marine Service and its applications. This will be a key aspect for observing system sustainability issues. The near real-time assessment for the Copernicus Marine Service will assess the value of all WP2 and WP3 AtlantOS in-situ observations (physical and biogeochemical) both for model validation and for data assimilation. Impact for data assimilation will use Observing System Evaluations and other alternative techniques (e.g. influence matrices). These impact studies will take into account synergy with satellite observations as they rely on data assimilation systems that merge in-situ observations together with satellite observations. MERCATOR will focus its activities on the impact of the AtlantOS in-situ observation array on its high resolution global ocean analysis and forecasting system at 1/12°. The Met O will use its coupled ocean-atmosphere data assimilation system (1/4° resolution). The assessment will be focused on upper layer measurements that are essential for short-term coupled prediction. Impact of the different AtlantOS observing systems providing temperature and salinity profiles will also be analysed with the ARMOR3Ddata analysis system [CLS]. We will also carry out a specific study to assess the role of the Atlantic in-situ observing system for seasonal prediction [ECMWF]. Further, several low resolution (1°) ocean reanalyses will be conducted with/without the different in-situ observing systems and will be used to provide initial conditions for a series of coupled seasonal forecasts.


D7.6 Impact study design: Precise design of impact studies to be carried out in interaction with WP2 and WP3 networks. PM30

D7.16 Assessment of AtlantOS Impact: Assessment of the impact of AtlantOS in-situ observing system for Copernicus and for seasonal prediction. PM42