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Task 8.1

Harmful Algal Blooms


Lead: MI (Caroline Cusack)

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Providing near real-time and forecast information for the aquaculture industry along Europe’s Atlantic coast is of vital importance in mitigating the effects of HABs. In this task in-situ and satellite data will be amalgamated in a decision support system [MI, IEO, DOMMRS] [D8.6]. In-situ data include oceanographic data e.g. water column structure, current speeds, biological samples (e.g. algal toxins, phytoplankton cell counts, barcoding) and hydrographic and biogeochemical information where possible. The in-situ data will be used to inform and validate biophysical models and to produce circulation forecasts for the coming three to five days. These data will undergo expert interpretation to produce an early warning bulletin to the aquaculture industry in Spain, Norway and Ireland [D8.11] [MI, IEO, NIVA]. The bulletin will be distributed over a specified production season in both countries to fish farmers and shellfish production facilities so that husbandry and harvesting techniques can reflect the prevailing HAB conditions at any point in time.


D8.6 HAB Bulletins: Weekly HAB bulletins produced for the aquaculture industry throughout a test operational period within AtlantOS. PM36

D8.11 Report on AtlantOS fitness for HAB Bulletins: Assessment of the observing system fitness for HAB warning bulletin in the Atlantic. PM42