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Task 8.3

Ship routing hazard mapping


Lead: CMCC (Gianandrea Mannarini)

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This task will use outputs from WP7 and other sources for developing a system for ship routing risk mapping. Starting from knowledge of the environmental fields affecting vessel seakeeping, the system will estimate risk and cost associated to known routes in the Atlantic Ocean. The system will employ model analysis or reanalysis of sea state (wave height, period, and direction), hydrodynamics (near surface ocean currents), and meteorological (wind) models. The system will produce an objective assessment of risk and vessel operational cost for an ensemble of historical routes obtained from the Automatic Information System database. The hazard assessment procedure will be based on UNIBO experience in hazard mapping and probabilistic approaches. In particular, the existing CMCC ship routing code will be refined and evolved for evaluating routes compliant with IMO safety recommendations, for a class of large ocean-going vessels, a collaborative work between CMCC and UNIBO. The same approach will be extended to computation of vessel operational costs along the route. This information will build up a database, queried by the end-user through a graphical interface for visualizing customized maps of route risk and cost for user provided parameters [D8.10]. The fitness of AtlantOS for ship routing will be analyzed with a dedicated report [D8.14].


D8.10 Ship routing hazard maps: Release of the hazard mapping web tool for dissemination. PM39

D8.14 Report on AtlantOS fitness for ship routing: Assessment of the observing system fitness for purpose for the ship routing mapping.PM45