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Task 8.4

Oil spill hazard mapping and disaster risk reduction best practices


Lead: UNIBO (Nadia Pinardi)

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The MSFD, the new Directive on Safety of offshore oil and gas operations (2013) and the European Maritime Safety Agency require robust tools for oil spill hazard mapping, from accidental to operational. In this task the WP7 and Marine Core Service products will be coupled to Medslik-II oil spill model in order to:

1. develop a methodology for oil spill hazard mapping from major commercial shipping lines across the Atlantic and produce hazard maps to be made available to public consultation [D8.4] [UNIBO, UALG]

2. produce on request an Oil Spill Hazard Bulletin [CLU] based upon the hazard mapping data for a Targeted Operational Period [D8.7; UNIBO]. Finally an assessment of fitness for purpose of the observing system for the Oil spill Hazard Bulletin will be produced [D8.15]


D8.4 Oil spill Hazard maps: Release of the Atlantic Oil spill Hazard map Portal for dissemination. PM30

D8.7 Oil spill Hazard Bulletin: Hazard maps will be used to produce an Oil spill Bulletin for a Targeted Operational Period. PM36

D8.15 Report on AtlantOS fitness to oil spill products: Assessment of the observing system fitness for purpose for the hazard mapping.PM45