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Task 8.6

Reanalyses for MSFD and ICES assessments


Lead: MET O (Richard Wood)

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Environmental quality indicators for MSFD require the best possible estimates of the three-dimensional state of the shelf seas, now and in the recent past (reanalyses). In this pilot project we will demonstrate the value of IAOOS observations in improving physical and biogeochemical reanalyses of the North West European Shelf, using the North West European Shelf regional reanalysis system of the Copernicus Marine Service [D8.5] [MET O]. In WP1, the influence of various Atlantic Ocean observation types on reanalyses of the open ocean state will be assessed. Here, we will take open ocean boundary conditions derived from WP1 to drive the Copernicus North West Shelf model, and so demonstrate the impact of the different IAOOS observation types in constraining the shelf seas state. As a by-product we will obtain insight into the influence of the open ocean on the shelf seas, leading to more confident attribution of the causes of observed changes on the shelf. We will work closely with representative national and international end-users to assess the value of these enhanced reanalysis products and attribution for managing MSFD compliance and fisheries [ 8.16].


D8.5 Reanalysis for MSFD: North West Shelf Copernicus model forced by Atlantic reanalysis and extraction of environmental indices. PM30

D8.16 Report on AtlantOS fitness to MSFD needs: Assessment of impact of AtlantOS on North West Shelf state reanalyses.PM45