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Task 8.7

Operational real-time and forecast modeling of North Atlantic albacore tuna populations


Lead: CLS (Patrick Lehodey)

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The model SEAPODYM simulates the spatial dynamics of tuna populations under the influence of both fishing and environmental effects. The main features of the model are:

  • Forcing through off-line coupling to environmental variables, such as temperature, currents, primary production and dissolved oxygen concentration
  • Prediction of the distributions of functional groups of micronektonic prey (Lehodey et al 2010), and age-structured predator (tuna) populations (Lehodey et al 2008)
  • Prediction of catch and size-frequency of catch by fleet
  • Parameter optimization based on data assimilation techniques (Senina et al 2008)

This model has now reached a degree of maturity allowing to use it for testing management scenarios (e.g., Sibert et al 2012) and to implement operational monitoring (ongoing work for the Indonesian Ministry of fisheries). It is proposed to implement an operational forecast system for the Atlantic albacore tuna [D8.3] based on the first configuration optimized for the North Atlantic stock at coarse resolution over the historical fishing period (EU FP7 project Euro-Basin (Lehodey et al., submitted). The system will use physical fields from MyOcean (Mercator-Ocean 1/4°x7d; satellite derived primary production and euphotic depth). The interest of this operational production of tuna stock distributions will be evaluated in collaboration with colleagues involved in the management of tuna fisheries at ICCAT and FAO, and the AtlantOS fitness for this modelling analysed [D8.9].


D8.3 Albacore tuna forecasts Report: Validation report on the first year of weekly Atlantic albacore tuna abundance at 1/4° resolution. PM24

D8.9 Report on AtlantOS fitness for Atlantic Albacore: Assessment of the observing system fitness for tuna catch estimates. PM36