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A large scale EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance and GEO.

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International integration of Atlantic ocean observing activities – further supporters / members are welcome.

Task 9.1

System monitoring/evaluation

Lead: IOC (Albert Fischer)

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A monitoring and evaluation of the AtlantOS in-situ observing system will be organized. The monitoring system will build on the JCOMMOPS monitoring system set up by IOC for the global ocean and will be extended to all in-situ observing networks considered in AtlantOS. It will also include regional/coastal regions in relation with EuroGOOS. Key performance indicators will be defined (e.g. number of operating platforms versus targets, number of observations per day for a given parameter, timeliness, percentage of observations available in real-time, uptake by the Copernicus Marine Service, etc.) and monitored. The following activities will be performed:

  • Specify [IOC, EuroGOOS, Ifremer, SEASCAPE] and develop [ETT] two website based monitoring tools for the European (including ROOSes) and the international contributions to the AtlantOS in-situ observing system [D9.1, D9.2]. These tools will provide an appropriate identity to AtlantOS and progress within the GOOS and EOV monitoring. The data flow (real-time and delayed mode) monitoring will be organized in relation to WP7 [Ifremer]. Tools will reuse some of the JCOMMOPS monitoring engines and capitalize on existing developments.
  • Improve/adapt the international IOC/JCOMMOPS monitoring system to AtlantOS networks [IOC].
  • Operate the two monitoring tools: European version [EuroGOOS] and international version [IOC].
  • Provide an evaluation of the AtlantOS observing system performances [D9.3] [IOC, EuroGOOS].


D9.1 Web-based monitoring tool of the Atlantic ocean observing system (international): A web-based service tool that will monitor data flow and key performance indicators of the Atlantic observing system. To focus will be on all AtlantOS networks (as defined by subtasks WP2 & WP3). PM24

D9.2 Web-based monitoring tool of the Atlantic ocean observing system (Europe): Same as 9.1 but focusing on the monitoring of European contributions to IAOOS. The monitoring tool will also include EuroGOOS Atlantic ROOSes (IBIROOS, NOOS). PM24

D9.3 Report on assessment of the performance of AtlantOS observing system: A report providing an overall assessment of the performance of the AtlantOS observing system and recommendations to optimize AtlantOS and its European component. PM42