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Realistic measurement uncertainties for marine macronutrient measurements conducted using gas segmented flow and Lab-on-Chip techniques

DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2019.03.032

Authors: Birchill, A. J., Clinton-Bailey, G., Hanz, R., Mawji, E., Cariou, T., White, C., Ussher, S. J., Worsfold, P. J., Achterberg, E. P. und Mowlem, M.

Visual and interactive legacy outputs

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d10.12

Authors: Keeble, K. , Keeble, S., Fritz, J. S., Verbeek, L., Reitz, A. and Ketelhake, S.

The oceanic sink for anthropogenic CO2 from 1994 to 2007

DOI: 10.1126/science.aau5153

Authors: Gruber, N. , Clement, D., Carter, B. R. , Feely, R. A. , van Heuven, S. , Hoppema, M. , Ishii, M. , Key, R. M., Kozyr, A., Lauvset, S. K., Lo Monaco, C. , Mathis, J. T. , Murata, A. , Olsen, A. , Perez, F. F. , Sabine, C. L. , Tanhua, T. und Wanninkhof, R.

Report on Tracers, Carbon and ADCPs

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d2.7

Authors: Tanhua, T., Kramp, M., Lherminier, P. and Drinkwater, K.

Increased Greenland melt triggered by large-scale, year-round cyclonic moisture intrusions

DOI: 10.5194/tc-13-815-2019

Authors: Oltmanns, M. , Straneo, F. and Tedesco, M.

AtlantOS fitness for HAB Bulletins

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d8.11

Authors: Cusack, C., Ruiz-Villarreal, M., Eikrem, W., Dale, T., Maguire, J., Dabrowski, T., Ledang, A. B., McElligott, D., Moejes, F. and Silke, J.

Optimal design of regional sampling based on OSSEs

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d5.4

Authors: Verrier, S., Brasseur, P., Brankart, J. M. and Germineaud, C.

A sea change in our view of overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic

DOI: 10.1126/science.aau6592

Authors: Lozier, M. S. , Li, F. , Bacon, S. , Bahr, F. , Bower, A. S., Cunningham, S. A. , de Jong, M. F. , de Steur, L., deYoung, B. , Fischer, J. , Gary, S. F. , Greenan, B. J. W. , Holliday, N. P. , Houk, A. , Houpert, L. , Inall, M. E. , Johns, W. E., Johnson, H. L., Johnson, C. , Karstensen, J. , Koman, G. , Le Bras, I. A. , Lin, X., Mackay, N., Marshall, D. P. , Mercier, H. , Oltmanns, M. , Pickart, R. S. , Ramsey, A. L., Rayner, D., Straneo, F. , Thierry, V. , Torres, D. J. , Williams, R. G. , Wilson, C. , Yang, J., Yashayaev, I. and Zhao, J.

Estimating Uncertainties in Oceanographic Trace Element Measurements

DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00515

Authors: Worsfold, P. J., Achterberg, E. P. , Birchill, A. J., Clough, R., Leito, I., Lohan, M. C., Milne, A. and Ussher, S. J.

Extreme Variability in Irminger Sea Winter Heat Loss Revealed by Ocean Observatories Initiative Mooring and the ERA5 Reanalysis

DOI: 10.1029/2018GL080956

Authors: Josey, S. A., de Jong, M. F., Oltmanns, M., Moore, G. K. and Weller, R. A.

Assessment of AtlantOS impact

DOI: 10.13155/59330

Authors: Remy, E., King, R., Mao, C., Guinehut, S., Zuo, H., Mayer, M., Beena, B. S., Gasparin, F. and Hamon, M.

Ship routing hazard maps

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d8.10

Authors: Mannarini, G., Pinardi, N., Scuro, M. and Carelli, L.

Report on AtlantOS fitness for Atlantic Albacore: Assessment of the observing system fitness for tuna catch estimates

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d8.9

Authors: Lehodey, P.


Drifter network improvement report

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d3.20

Authors: Poli, P., Bourles, B., Bond, S., Hafner, S., Klink, S. and Petermann, E.

Cold vs. warm water route – sources for the upper limb of the AMOC revisited in a high-resolution ocean model

DOI: 10.5194/os-2018-134

Authors: Rühs, S. , Schwarzkopf, F. U., Speich, S. und Biastoch, A.

Optimal design of ecosystem module

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d5.5

Authors: Lehodey, P., Titaud, O., Delpech, A. and Conchon, A.

Model guidance for the evolution of the IAOOS

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d1.6

Authors: Traon, P. Y. l., Wood, R., Ford, D., Gasparin, F., Palmer, M., Remy, E., Blaker, A., Brankart, J. M., Brasseur, P., Garry, F., Gehlen, M., Germinaud, C., Ghosh, R., Guinehut, S., Jungclaus, J., King, R., Lohmann, K., Mao, C., Martin, M., Masina, S., Mathieu, V., Mayer, M., Mirouze, I., New, A., Sommer, A. and Zuo, H.

Report on AtlantOS fitness to MSFD needs

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d8.16

Authors: Barciela, R. and Tinker, J.

European Strategy for Atlantic Ocean Observing

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d9.5

Authors: Buch, E., Ketelhake, S., Larkin, K., Ott, M., Visbeck, M., DeYoung, B., Le Traon, P. Y., Sousa Pinto, I., Gonzalez-Yuiros, R., Turpin, V., Palacz, A., Tanhua, T., Pouliquen, S., Barbier, M., Brandt, A., Hernandez Brito, J. J., Wölfl, A. C., Brandt, P., Eparkhina, D., Fernandez, V., Nolan, G. and Pinardi, N.

Best practice summary Report

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d6.7

Authors: Pearlman, J., Pearlman, F., Simpson, P., Bushnell, M., Buttigieg, P. L., Chandler, C., Delory, E., Hermes, J., Heslop, E., Karstensen, J., Muller-Karger, F., Munoz-Mas, C., Pissierssens, P. and Roden, N.

Organization & sustainability of PIRATA network Report

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d3.19

Authors: Bourles, B., Araujo, M., Brandt, P., Mc Phaden, M., Lefevre, N., Foltz, G. and Cotrim da Cunha, L.

Consolidation of Atlantic EGO Network Activities Report

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d3.11

Authors: Turpin, V., Testor, P., Barrera, C., Dumont, E., Fer, I., Morales, T. and Karstensen, J.

Ethical recommendations for ocean observation

DOI: 10.5194/adgeo-45-343-2018

Authors: Barbier, M., Reitz, A., Pabortsava, K., Wölfl, A. C. , Hahn, T. and Whoriskey, F.

Report on assessment of the performance of AtlantOS observing system

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d9.3

Authors: Ott, M., Belbeoch, M., Fernandez, V., Buch, E. and Novellino, A.

Technical enhancement of TMA sites for data safety & cost efficiency

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d3.7

Authors: Karstensen, J. , Motz, M., Hansen, B., Larsen, K. M. H. and Rayner, D.

Interior Carbon EOV Report

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d7.11

Authors: Tanhua, T. and Lange, N.

SOOP Network Coordination Report

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d2.5

Authors: Watson, A. and Thorn, J.

Eastern boundaries survey

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d3.12

Authors: Turpin, V., Ebeler, L., Barrera, C., Dumont, E., Fer, I., Morales, T., Karstensen, J., Pietri, A. and Dilmahamod, F.

Stakeholder Engagement ‘Support Facility’ Test Exercise (Demonstrator)

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d10.8

Authors: Miguez, B. M. and Calewaert, J. B.

Mean circulation and EKE distribution in the Labrador Sea Water level of the subpolar North Atlantic

DOI: 10.5194/os-14-1167-2018

Authors: Fischer, J. , Karstensen, J. , Oltmanns, M. and Schmidtko, S.

Gap analysis of links between coastal and open ocean networks

DOI: 10.13155/57443

Authors: Anil, A., Guillaume, C., Cusack, C., Vicente, F. and O'Conchubhair, D.

Policy Brief and Event "The slowing Gulf Stream? What we know and potential impacts"

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d10.10

Authors: Olsen, S., Fritz, J. S., Arthun, M., Eldevik, T., Larsen, K., Miller, R. and Oltmanns, M.

An Alternative to Static Climatologies: Robust Estimation of Open Ocean CO2 Variables and Nutrient Concentrations From T, S, and O2 Data Using Bayesian Neural Networks

DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00328

Authors: Bittig, H. C., Steinhoff, T., Claustre, H., Fiedler, B., Williams, N. L., Sauzède, R., Körtzinger, A. and Gattuso, J. P.

Subsurface Fine-Scale Patterns in an Anticyclonic Eddy Off Cap-Vert Peninsula Observed From Glider Measurements

DOI: 10.1029/2018JC014135

Authors: Kolodziejczyk, N., Testor, P., Lazar, A., Echevin, V., Krahmann, G. , Chaigneau, A., Gourcuff, C., Wade, M., Faye, S., Estrade, P., Capet, X., Mortier, L., Brehmer, P., Schütte, F. and Karstensen, J.

Strategic foresight paper on AtlantOS in the European context: Towards strengthened coordination and governance of ocean observing systems

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d10.11

Authors: Larkin, K. and Heymans, S. J. J.

Metrology best practice manuals

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d6.4

Authors: Achterberg, E. P., Buttigieg, P. L., Janssen, F., Peplies, J. and Compere, C.

Metrology reference and standard materials

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d6.5

Authors: Achterberg, E. P., Buttigieg, P. L., Janssen, F., Peplies, J., Worsfold, P., Lohan, M. and Ussher, S.

Roadmap for emerging networks

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D6.2

Authors: Connelly, D., Afonso, P., Whoriskey, F., Morris, A., Mowlem, M., Sousa Pinto, I., Davies, N., Wölfl, A. C., Handegard, N. O., Devey, C. W., Janssen, F., Buttigieg, P. L. and Peplies, J.

Subpolar North Atlantic Overturning and Gyre-Scale Circulation in the Summers of 2014 and 2016

DOI: 10.1029/2018JC013841

Authors: Holliday, N. P., Bacon, S., Cunningham, S. A., Gary, S. F., Karstensen, J. , King, B. A., Li, F. and Mcdonagh, E. L.

Synoptic multi-variable multi-glider study

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d4.3

Authors: Palmer, M., Williams, C. and Horsburgh, K.

Current EOV Report

DOI: 10.13155/55475

Authors: Etienne, H., Rio, M. H., Petit de la Villeon, L. and Gourtay-Le Hingrat, F.

Oil spill Hazard maps

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.4

Authors: Martins, F., Janeiro, J. and Cesarini, C.

Sharing best practices among operators and users of oceanographic data: Challenge, status, and plans of the ocean best practices project

DOI: 10.4031/MTSJ.52.3.11

Authors: Bushnell, M., Buttigieg, P. L., Hermes, J., Heslop, E., Karstensen, J. , Müller-Karger, F., Mas, C. M., Pearlman, F., Pearlman, J. and Simpson, P.

Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletins

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.6

Authors: Cusack, C., Silke, J., Ruiz-Villarreal, M., Eikrem, W., Dale, T., Moejes, F., Maguire, J., Chamberlain, T., Dabrowski, T., Gerritsen, H., Hynes, P., Leadbetter, A., Lyons, K., O'Rourke, E., Smyth, D., Miguez, B. M., Marty, S., McFadden, Y. and O'Toole, D.

South Atlantic tide gauge data management plan

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D4.2

Authors: Bradshaw, E. and Rickards, L.

BIO EOV Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D7.9

Authors: Dall'Olmo, G. and Claustre, H.

Bathymetric Integration

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D2.3

Authors: Devey, C. W. and Wölfl, A. C.

Atlantic Ocean Data Integration

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D7.7

Authors: Koop-Jakobsen, K.

Integration in GEOSS

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D7.8

Authors: Koop-Jakobsen, K. and Waldmann, C.

Surface Carbon EOV Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D7.10

Authors: Lauvset, S. K., Olsen, A., Gehlen, M. and Sommer, A.

Oil spill hazard bulletin

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.7

Authors: Neves, A. A. S., Martins, F., Janeiro, J. and Cesarini, C.

ETN Technical Standards Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.10

Authors: Steckenreuter, A., Reubens, J., Afonso, P., Bajona, L. and Whoriskey, F.

Aquaculture operation Bulletin: Weather window nowcast/forecast Bulletin tool for offshore aquaculture operators

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.8

Authors: Dale, T., Cusack, C., Ruiz Villarreal, M., Leadbetter, A., Lyons, K., Burke, N., Smyth, D., Dabrowski, T., O'Rourke, E. and Gonzalez-Nuevo, G.

SOOP Network Enhancement Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D2.4

Authors: Watson, A., Lefevre, N., Smythe, T., Hartmann, S., Reverdin, G., Gonzalez-Davila, M. and Fietzek, P.

PIRATA data system upgrade Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.9

Authors: Bourles, B., Brandt, P., Lefevre, N. and Hahn, J.

Increased risk of a shutdown of ocean convection posed by warm North Atlantic summers

DOI: 10.1038/s41558-018-0105-1

Authors: Oltmanns, M. , Karstensen, J. and Fischer, J.

Atlantic Ocean Observing Networks: Cost and feasibility study

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D1.4

Authors: Reilly, K., Cusack, C., Fernandez, V., Buch, E., Ott, M., Araujo, M., Bourles, B., Cancouet, R., Connell, K., Cristini, L., Dolk, S., Edwards, M., Emzivat, G., Fischer, A., Fitzhenry, D., Gourcuff, C., Karstensen, J., King, A., Kuska, G., Lampitt, R., Lumpkin, R., McDonough, N., McPhaden, M., Nobre, P., O’Conchubhair, D., O'Rourke, E., Obolensky, G., Piotrowicz, S., Poli, P., Pouliquen, S., Rae, M., Schauer, U., Schuster, U., Sloyan, B., Steventon, E., Tanhua, T., Tanner, G., Testor, P., Trotte, J., Turpin, V., Turton, J., Townsend, B., Wanninkhof, R. and Whoriskey, F.

Indices associated with climate variability

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d5.2

Authors: Mercier, H., Speich, S., McDonagh, E., Karstensen, J. and Olsen, S. M.

Indices associated with Primary productivity and carbon export

DOI: 10.3289/atlantos_d5.3

Authors: Claustre, H., Bittig, H. C. and Karstensen, J.

CPR EOV Report: Ecological EOV syntheses and impact of AtlantOS observations

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D7.13

Authors: Edwards, M., Beaugrand, G. and Helaouet, P.

AtlantOS Data Management Plan Framework

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D11.2

Authors: Koop-Jakobsen, K., Waldmann, C., Pouliquen, S., Harscoat, V. and Reitz, A.

Oxygen Optode Sensors: Principle, Characterization, Calibration, and Application in the Ocean

DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2017.00429

Authors: Bittig, H. C., Körtzinger, A. , Neill, C., van Ooijen, E., Plant, J. N., Hahn, J., Johnson, K. S., Yang, B. and Emerson, S. R.

Technologies for a FAIRer use of Ocean Best Practices


Authors: Buttigieg, P. L., Simpson, P., Pearlman, J., Piessierssens, P., Caltagirone, S., Bushnell, M., Hermes, J., Heslop, E., Karstensen, J. , Muller-Karger, F., Munoz, C. and Pearlman, F.

Science Briefing Paper and Event 3

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D10.9

Authors: Fritz, J. S. and Pearlman, J.

Novel Optical Oxygen Sensor for Profiling Observation Platforms: Fast Response Time Enables Higher Spatial and Temporal Data Resolution


Authors: Hahn, T., Aßmann, S. and Körtzinger, A.

2. Wochenbericht FS Meteor Reise M146


Authors: Klügel, A.

OceanBestPractices System: a global resource to facilitate harmonizing practices in ocean observation, data and information


Authors: Pissierssens, P., Munot, C., Karstensen, J., Pearlman, J., Simpson, P., Bushnell, M., Buttigieg, P. L., Hermes, J., Heslop, E., Muller-Karger, F. and Pearlman, F.

2nd AtlantOS progress report plus International Scientific and Technical Advisory Board minutes and AtlantOS Legacy document

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D11.6

Authors: Reitz, A., DeYoung, B. and Buch, E.

AtlantOS - Optimising and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing Systems


Authors: Reitz, A., deYoung, B., Verbeek, L. and Gillan, G.

Deep Convection in the Irminger Sea Observed with a Dense Mooring Array

DOI: 10.5670/oceanog.2018.109

Authors: de Jong, M. F., Oltmanns, M. , Karstensen, J. and de Steur, L.


Characterization of a Time-Domain Dual Lifetime Referencing pCO2 Optode and Deployment as a High-Resolution Underway Sensor across the High Latitude North Atlantic Ocean

DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2017.00396

Authors: Clarke, J. S., Humphreys, M. P., Tynan, E., Kitidis, V., Brown, I., Mowlem, M. and Achterberg, E. P.

Impact study design

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D7.6

Authors: Remy, E., King, R., Guinehut, S., Gasparin, F. and Zuo, H.

ETN Valued Species and Sites Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.2

Authors: Afonso, P., Aarestrup, K., Abecasis, D., Alos, J., Badalamenti, F., Bajona, L., Boylan, P., Deneudt, K., Greenberg, L., Breve, N., Hernandez, F., Humphries, N., Koeck, B., Meyer, C., Reubens, J., Steckenreuter, A., Thorstadt, E., Walker, A. and Whoriskey, F.

One stop shop web site for TMAs

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.1

Authors: Schauer, U. and Kanzow, T.

Aquaculture site selection Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.2

Authors: Dale, T., Cusack, C. and Ruiz, M.

Intense oceanic uptake of oxygen during 2014-2015 winter convection in the Labrador Sea

DOI: 10.1002/2017GL073933

Authors: Koelling, J., Wallace, D. W. R., Send, U. and Karstensen, J.

Glider App for public dissemination and outreach

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.6

Authors: Valcic, L. and Kalebic, J.

Upwelling and isolation in oxygen-depleted anticyclonic modewater eddies and implications for nitrate cycling

DOI: 10.5194/bg-2016-34

Authors: Karstensen, J. , Schütte, F., Pietri, A., Krahmann, G., Fiedler, B., Grundle, D., Hauss, H. , Körtzinger, A., Löscher, C. R., Testor, P., Vieira, N. and Visbeck, M.

Storm surge climatology report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.1

Authors: Horsburgh, K., Williams, J. and Cussack, C.

Design a buoy fitted with a low cost salinity sensor

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.4

Authors: David, A., Reverdin, G., Poli, P., Billon, C., Ferezou, R. and Reitz, A.

Study of the potential for existing bathythermic string drifters

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.5

Authors: Rousselot, P., Reverdin, G., Blouch, P., Poli, P. and Janssen, F.

Web based monitoring tool of the Atlantic ocean observing system (international)

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D9.1

Authors: Belbeoch, M. and Lize, A.

PIRATA network improvement report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D3.3

Authors: Bourles, B., Brandt, P. and Lefevre, N.

Sea level observing site catalogue: Systematic documentation of South Atlantic tide gauge site data and benchmarks

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D4.1

Authors: Bradshaw, E.

Operational real-time and forecast modelling of Atlantic albacore tuna

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.3

Authors: Lehodey, P., Senina, I., Calmettes, B. and Titaud, O.

Web-based monitoring tool of the Atlantic Ocean observing system (Europe)

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D9.2

Authors: Novellino, A., Fernandez, V. and Buch, E.

Technical note: Update on response times, in-air measurements, and in situ drift for oxygen optodes on profiling platforms

DOI: 10.5194/os-13-1-2017

Authors: Bittig, H. C. and Körtzinger, A.

Capacities and Gap analysis

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D1.3

Authors: Buch, E., Palacz, A., Karstensen, J. , Fernandez, V., Dickey-Collas, M. and Borges, D.

AtlantOS plankton report: Based on observations from the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D2.1

Authors: Edwards, M., Broughton, D., Camp, R., Graham, G., Helaouet, P. and Stern, R.

Science-Policy Briefing Paper and Event 2

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D10.7

Authors: Fritz, J. S., Ketelhake, S., Pinardi, N., Horsburgh, K., Mannarini, G. and Lehodey, P.

Science-Policy Briefing Paper and Event 1

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D10.6

Authors: Fritz, J. S., Ketelhake, S., Visbeck, M. , Fischer, A., Ott, M., Mowlem, M. and de Young, B.

Observations of oxygen variability in the eastern tropical North Atlantic


Authors: Hahn, J., Brandt, P., Karstensen, J. und Körtzinger, A.

1. Wochenbericht MSM60


Authors: Karstensen, J.

2. Wochenbericht MSM60


Authors: Karstensen, J.

3. Wochenbericht MSM60


Authors: Karstensen, J.

4. Wochenbericht MSM60


Authors: Karstensen, J.

Fish Survey Database and Interface

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D2.2

Authors: Parner, H., Osypchuk, A., Abbasi, M. and Holdsworth, N.

3. Wochenbericht M133


Authors: Visbeck, M.

4. Wochenbericht M133


Authors: Visbeck, M.

5. Wochenbericht M133


Authors: Visbeck, M.

Reanalysis for MSFD

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D8.5

Authors: Wood, R., Tinker, J., Krijnen, J., Barciela, R. and Dye, S.


Observations, Diplomacy, and the Future of Ocean Governance


Authors: Fritz, J. S.

Potential for an underwater glider component as part of the Global Ocean Observing System

DOI: 10.1016/j.mio.2016.05.001

Authors: Liblik, T., Karstensen, J., Testor, P., Alenius, P., Hayes, D., Ruiz, S., Heywood, K. J., Pouliquen, S., Mortier, L. und Mauri, E.

AtlantOS Workshop Report

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D10.4

Authors: Liebender, A. S., Jolly, C. and Fritz, J. S.

Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement, Data Dissemination and Exploitation

DOI: 10.3289/AtlantOS_D10.5

Authors: Miguez, B. M., Calewaert, J. B. and McMeel, O.

A multi-decade record of high-quality fCO2 data in version 3 of the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT)

DOI: 10.5194/essd-8-383-2016

Authors: Bakker, D. C. E., Pfeil, B., Landa, C. S., Metzl, N., O'Brien, K. M., Olsen, A., Smith, K., Cosca, C., Harasawa, S., Jones, S. D., Nakaoka, S. i., Nojiri, Y., Schuster, U., Steinhoff, T., Sweeney, C., Takahashi, T., Tilbrook, B., Wada, C., Wanninkhof, R., Alin, S. R., Balestrini, C. F., Barbero, L., Bates, N. R., Bianchi, A. A., Bonou, F., Boutin, J., Bozec, Y., Burger, E. F., Cai, W. J., Castle, R. D., Chen, L., Chierici, M., Currie, K., Evans, W., Featherstone, C., Feely, R. A., Fransson, A., Goyet, C., Greenwood, N., Gregor, L., Hankin, S., Hardman-Mountford, N. J., Harlay, J., Hauck, J., Hoppema, M., Humphreys, M. P., Hunt, C. W., Huss, B., Ibanhez, J. S. P., Johannessen, T., Keeling, R., Kitidis, V., Körtzinger, A. , Kozyr, A., Krasakopoulou, E., Kuwata, A., Landschützer, P., Lauvset, S. K., Lefèvre, N., Lo Monaco, C., Manke, A., Mathis, J. T., Merlivat, L., Millero, F. J., Monteiro, P. M. S., Munro, D. R., Murata, A., Newberger, T., Omar, A. M., Ono, T., Paterson, K., Pearce, D., Pierrot, D., Robbins, L. L., Saito, S., Salisbury, J., Schlitzer, R., Schneider, B., Schweitzer, R., Sieger, R., Skjelvan, I., Sullivan, K. F., Sutherland, S. C., Sutton, A. J., Tadokoro, K., Telszewski, M., Tuma, M., van Heuven, S. M. A. C., Vandemark, D., Ward, B., Watson, A. J. and Xu, S.

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VISIR-I: small vessels – least-time nautical routes using wave forecasts

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Sensors and Instrumentation Roadmap

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Engagement Strategy

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Authors: Fritz, J. S.

Changes in Ocean Heat, Carbon Content, and Ventilation: A Review of the First Decade of GO-SHIP Global Repeat Hydrography

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Initial AtlantOS Requirements Report

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An overview of main issues facing ocean observatories and the evaluation of their valueadded to society

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Subpolar gyre variability Cruise No. MSM54 May 12 – June 04, 2016 St. John’s (Canada) – Reykjavik (Iceland)

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Oceanic & atmospheric variability in the South Atlantic Cruise No. M124 29. February – 18. March 2016 Cape Town (Republic South Africa) – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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AtlantOS Project Website

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Data Harmonization Report: Report containing recommendation on data harmonization

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Data Management Handbook Atlantos

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1st AtlantOS progress report plus summary of external board meetings

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AtlantOS Exploitation Plan

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Toward an improved design of the in-situ observing system for ocean reanalysis, analysis and forecasting: design of experiments

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QC Report. AtlantOS project

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A neural network-based method for merging ocean color and Argo data to extend surface bio-optical properties to depth: Retrieval of the particulate backscattering coefficient

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IT-OSRA: applying ensemble simulations to estimate the oil spill risk associated to operational and accidental oil spills

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Libro de Resumenes V Simposio Internacional de Ciencias del Mar Aliicante (Espana), 20-22 Julio 2016


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1. Wochenbericht M133


Authors: Visbeck, M.

2. Wochenbericht M133


Authors: Visbeck, M.


Global Carbon Budget 2015

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More Integrated and More Sustainable Atlantic Ocean Observing (AtlantOS)


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Phytoplankton biomass cycles in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre: A similar mechanism for two different blooms in the Labrador Sea

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Dissolved inorganic carbon budgets in the eastern subpolar North Atlantic in the 2000s from in situ data

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